2016/17 Schedule

First Day Basics:
  • All players need to bring their player card and a signed release form to the first game. 
  • Teams should arrive at least 1 hour before their scheduled game time to check in.
  • Under 30 players need to wear YELLOW socks!!

Referees needed- Play for free & get paid!!
If interested please contact "Beth Villanueva" at

ANY us ASAP...

For changes and cancellations, keep up to date via this site and FaceBook

Important Team and Player Information:

Winter Season Basics:
  • Standard procedures for both female and under/over 30 players...
  • 4 ladies on the field at any time (min of 2 over 30) with a maximum of 4 under 30 players (male/female) on the field at any one time (goalkeeper doesn't count). 
  • All under 30 players must wear at least one (1) yellow sock for referee identification during match play

    Player Requirements: 

  • All players must be OVER 18 and not affiliated, participate or have eligibility on any high school team
  • $65 registration per player for the entire season...+/- November to March.
  • Player cards. (STI player card...ALL PLAYERS MUST HAVE THEM!) NOTE...every player is required to "check-in" on the first day of soccer games WITH their player card
  • All Players have read/reviewed and SIGNED a Winter Liability Release Form NOTE...every player is REQUIRED to sign a liability release prior to the first day of soccer. You may turn-in early but we will still require the player to verify that they have signed the release on "day one games."
  • All players have read/reviewed the 2016-2017 Rules of the Game
  • All players have read/reviewed the League ByLaws

Information about the League:
  • Board Meetings are held on the second Monday of EVERY month.
    • For time and location, please contact us:
    • Open call for League Officer positions. Please review the ByLaws, Rules and other information before your inquiry. If you would like to serve on our Board, we are happy to answer any questions that you may have.
  • Sample Team Roster  (make a copy to edit)
Please note the following:

Attention all AMSL soccer players, Please take the time to completely understand the following "Code of Conduct" for all League participation:

Since I will sign the Liability and Release form and have read and understand the League Regulations, General Procedures and Rules as well as the FIFA Laws of the Game, regardless of my individual abilities, I will do my best as an adult and role model to be a positive and encouraging player and support the game by which I am either playing in or watching so that my fellow players and all spectators enjoy the game in a family friendly environment. I will lead by example in demonstrating fair play and sportsmanship to all players. I will never yell at, argue with, or treat a referee or player with disrespect. I will provide a sports environment that is free of profanity, drugs, tobacco, and alcohol. I will accept the League consequences of my actions or my reactions while playing in or watching a game.