Player Notices & Information

Open notice to ALL League Players:

Over the past few weeks we’ve sent people home with bleeding cuts, sprains, stitches, broken ribs, partially dislocated jaw and shoulder as well as some torn ligaments while not leaving out player melt-downs and “f-bombs” that are all completely unacceptable!!!!  


In that respect, EVERY PLAYER must make it a priority to mitigate these incidents as best as they can with the direct assistance of our referees. (remember, they are people too!) The AMSL Board considers player and referee safety the number one concern and so should YOU!


Only YOU can control your attitude in how you are going to react to a call on the field or toward another player and how aggressive an effort you put into a simple Sunday afternoon sport that in all respects, doesn’t compare to being “uninjured” and spending time with your family, friends and co-workers after the game!!!! Don't be that person who sends someone off the field's NOT worth it. The Referees will continue to hand out yellow and red cards and in that respect, the Board will continue to fine players that break our rules with the possibility of a complete season suspension. All of these can be aviodable based upon YOU!

PLEASE play the game safely
Don't forget: Mandatory player ID cards, Signed Release Forms & YELLOW socks if under 30.  Please show up extra early for your first game.  We recommend arriving 40 minutes before game time.